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I am a professional chef with a passion for healthy gourmet food, I believe those are not contradictory terms and with technique and proper attention to ingredients it is possible to create the balance. I started cooking at a very young age with my mother in Brazil and later went on to study Culinary Arts and Management in Scotland, Mexico City and Houston.

From my mother I acquired not just the love for cooking and preparing comfort food, but how to be creative with what was at hand. My culinary journey led me to start studying hospitality in Scotland, which cemented my love for cooking, I followed by going to Le Cordon Bleu in Mexico where I perfected my cooking skills culminating with the highest degree in both Culinary and Pastry as well as studying Mexican cuisine. I later capped my skills with a degree in Culinary Management at the Culinary Institute Lenôtre in Houston. Together these skills of creativity, cooking technique and understanding how to manage within the culinary field have allowed me to explore new and healthier ways to do comfort food in a style I call well prepared food, a new style that is simple and which does not sacrifice content and flavor and uses technique to create a healthier options that you will be happy to eat everyday and will make you feel good. I come from one of the most natural and health obsessed cultures in the world.

I am a classic trained chef, so yes, I was taught that there is nothing that 3 sticks of butter will not make better. To that I rebelled, I just did not believe that excess is a good thing it’s just,” more”.

What I did learn was technique, respect for ingredients and purposeful preparation. These things, technique, ingredients and purposefulness in cooking and baking are actually the greatest ally of healthy eating because it teaches you that you can have a nice piece of chicken, or a sauce or dessert and not have it be boiled or bland or full of chemicals, it can actually be natural and taste delicious.

I will not say I learnt what I did in culinary school, on the contrary many times I was mocked because I said there had to be a healthier way. But it gave me the tools to set me on my journey. It informed my passion for healthy great tasting food, or as I call it “well prepared food” where you do not have to sacrifice taste and the pleasure of eating to a bland one size fits all style of cooking.

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