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Vegan, Keto and diabetic desserts, no sugar added, gluten free, no sugar aloud, organic coconut, belgian chocolate

  ✔ No Sugar Added

  ✔ No Artificial Sweeteners

  ✔ No Bitter Aftertaste

  ✔ Gluten Free

  ✔ No Milk

  ✔ Egg Free

  ✔ Vegan

  ✔ Keto Friendly

  ✔ Paleo Friendly

  ✔ Diabetic Friendly

  ✔ No Artificial Anything


Honest & Real ingredients

In The No Sugar Aloud kitchen Using High-Quality is a top Priority

California Almond Flour Gluten Free

Our Brownie mix is made with 100% Super fine and creamy almond flour.

No Sugar Aloud Brownies has triple chocolate. Made with Callebaut Belgian cocoa powder, Callebaut Belgian dark chocolate chips and organic cacao nibs and Golden cake Ganache is made with sugar free Premium dark chocolate

Sugar Free Dark Chocolate, Brownie mix
Sugar Free Organic Peanut Butter

Creamy organic Valencia peanut butter, roasted to perfection chopped peanuts

Golden cake is made with organic coconut, almond flour, and  yuzu lime peel





Welcome to my passion! I created “No Sugar Aloud” when I changed to a healthier lifestyle but still craved a good dessert. I found that it was almost impossible to find  quality, low-sugar, low carb, nutritious options for my cravings. They either tasted “off” or not good at all.

I grew tired of protein bars as a dessert and felt that as a professional Chef I could create something better without losing the magic and flavor of  a quality dessert. I felt I needed to help others so I created Cup-a-Brownie, an easy, nutritious and Indulgent chocolate dessert with benefits that everybody could eat without any guilt.  

My No Sugar Aloud™ signature sweetener blend has no unpleasant aftertaste and my flour mix has no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Just nature. Open the bag and  smell the natural goodness! .

I personally mix the ingredients in small batches to guarantee consistency in every single bag. with this product you will feel like having your very own private chef, you just need to add water, mix, bake and enjoy.  My wish is that when you open your box you feel the love inside each box.

Helping others with special dietary needs that do not want to compromise on food quality is my mission with this company.

I want to shout out loud and show the world that “Life Can be Sweet Without Sugar™”.

Rodolfo Fernandes - Chef/Founder

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Life Can be sweet Without Sugar!