Rodolfo Fernandes No sugar Aloud

Why no sugar added and low carb products? 

 This is a particularly sensitive subject for me because at age 13, I lost my best friend of 12 who had Type 1 Diabetes. He passed away from eating sweets and cake on his brother’s birthday, something so natural for everybody else but a high risk for him.   In time, my passion grew and evolved from this experience and my own journey as someone who was overweight and pre diabetic and I knew that I wanted to be part of the solution.

I founded No Sugar Aloud in 2018. A company that seeks to loudly say to the world that “Life Can be Sweet without Sugar” and that the use of proper technique and high-quality natural ingredients can produce foods that are both delicious and healthy!

I felt that as a professional Chef I could create something better without losing the magic and flavor of high-quality food. It also had to be simple to make, so I created an easy mix that is flavor packed, convenient, and healthy at the same time. Our company is small but my passion is BIG. We are an honest company; my products are made in a small industrial kitchen -not a lab- using 100% natural ingredients and no chemicals. Utmost care is given in mixing and making every product box we ship out to customers.

Our Name

Why “No Sugar Aloud”? Allowed – A Loud – Aloud

The Aloud in our name is misspelled on purpose…

It’s really very simple it’s a play on words. Some people find it funny and cool, others not so much.
Diabetes and obesity numbers are so high in the world and, aside from genetics, sugary/high carbs products are mostly to blame.
No Sugar Aloud was created not just to make a profit but to bring consciousness by saying ALOUD that life can be sweet without sugar and to support that claim we focus on creating foods that are not just delicious but also good for us.
I am a chef that wants to be part of the solution, not part of the problem so yes, I want to silence the sugar but give you something in return that can also satisfy and be delicious.

As a chef and customer, I always have trouble finding no sugar added food/desserts. Every time I went to a restaurant, it was either told a courteous “No” or was completely ignored. It makes you want to shout! I couldn’t understand why. In our production kitchen, sugar is not allowed, and we want to shout Out Loud that life can definitely be sweet without sugar.

We are here to provide the best no sugar added mixes ever, elevating health food to higher culinary standards. Life choices should not be about sacrifice but about having good options. You should be able have your cake and eat it too, even bread!

Trust me when you eat our mixes you will make a sound, close your eyes and think about a decadent chocolate brownie with organic peanut butter and crunchy chocolate chips on top or a freshly baked bread, warm and tasting of home, cookies so delicious you can’t just eat one…. Can you hear the sound of YUMMY in your mind? All this deliciousness in a package without any sugar added, low glycemic, low carb and superfood ingredients. This is what our ALOUD is about, you can say OUT LOUD I am eating desserts and bread again, YES!   


My Weight-loss Journey

Chef Rodolfo Fernandes weight loss

I had been working as a private chef/physique chef for some years and as focused as I was on my clients nutrition, exercises and goals I really seem to never have time to take care of myself seemed that as much as I knew it was not the best, having fast food or ready to eat meals was the most of the time easiest option for me. To put it in context, I grew up in a household that cooked, my grandmother cooked, my mother cooked and I learned to cook. My love of food is what drove me to become a professional chef and study for that. Eating pre-prepared meals and junk food is not my natural style but I cannot deny that it is cheap, quick, tempting, easy and yes…addictive.  But the “eating out of a bag” life style has its consequences and I quickly found myself 50 pounds overweight and almost 30% of body fat. Along with the increased weight and body fat I had a series of health problems that are both common and part of my genetic predisposition. I began to live and battle with; high blood pressure, difficulty breathing, insomnia, low energy, high cholesterol, and was at risk of type 2 diabetes and many other conditions that just speak “malnutrition” All this and I was now in my late 30’s so not the young buck that can process that much punishment to my metabolism.

I had to do something to get my life organized and back on track. I needed to do it not just lose weight and lower my body fat but also to feel good and get healthy again. You are probably saying, “oh one of those health nut conversion stories” well yes and no, you see I LOVE TO EAT, and I love good food. Dieting by eating soups salads and juices and taking down my calorie intake to ludicrous 3 digit numbers per day was just not going to work for me. Being a professional chef and interested in nutrition I always knew that good food can be healthy and delicious, and by applying cooking techniques I knew it could also be easy to make and quick. The essence of these goals while cooking is what I call Well prepared food.

The only way that I could solve my problem was to start cooking my own meals, take control of how it is prepared, but being a “need it now” kind of guy I had to come up with ways to get this done with minimal effort, quickly and have some fun while doing it. If you are able to do that than what seems like a burden is a just part of your day and something you look forward to rather than dread.

I am not just a professional Chef I also have AAS degree in Culinary Management so I know that food business is all about profits not just food and like any business it works based on the bottom line and unfortunately what is bad for us are also the cheapest ingredients that add flavor and texture to food such as; sugar, salt, white flour, fat etc. My idea then was simple, how to replace some of these ingredients for healthier one, how to use technique to achieve texture and taste and that way end up with an equivalent yummy meal but that is not loaded with what is essentially bad for you. There is no reason I could not have a hamburger or chicken wing (I can’t live without chicken wings) but there are ways and then there are ways…You can have your cake and eat it it’s just a question of taking some more care and preparing well

So, I started my journey and began by making a list of the food I wanted to eat, bread, cakes, pizza, cookies, etc.. all those food that are “forbidden” if you go on a diet. One by one I looked for ways to make then in another way that would give me the taste and variety I wanted yet be nutritious and healthy. I experimented on myself and over the course of some months I not only lost the all the extra weight and drastically reduced my body fat to 1 digit but my health issues regressed. Just to give you an example, from high blood pressure that had to be managed by taking medication and still have it at borderline levels today my blood pressure is normal and I am completely off any medication.

In my Everyday Superfood Collection there is one for every taste and a taste for every need. Start enjoying a healthier life today!