Are No Sugar Aloud products Gluten Free?

Yes! We are a dedicated gluten free production kitchen.

Are No Sugar Aloud products diabetic friendly?

Absolutely! our product is consumed by diabetics and low carbohydrates dieters with no reported raise in their sugar levels. We use ingredients that are low in glycemic index and rich in fiber, making our mixes low in net carbs.

Are No Sugar Aloud products vegan? 

We are a vegan friendly company. Although we are not vegan certified. In our kitchen there are no animal products or ingredients and all our products can be prepared out of the box following vegan dietary considerations.

What are Net Carbs and how do you calculate them?

Net carbs are the carbohydrates in food that you can digest and use for energy. Net carbs only count starches and sugars as most other types of carbohydrateshave no energy value or impact on your blood sugar, so you don't count them towards your daily carbohydrate limit. 

Net Carbs are the calculated by deducting the amount of Fiber and Sugar Alcohols from the Carb content.  So, if a product has 19 grams of Carbs, 7 grams of Fiber and 10 Sugar Alcohols, the end result is 2 net grams of Carbs: 19g minus 7g minus 10g = 2g

How important are the measures?

They say baking is a science and cooking is an art so, instructions are important. Everything is included and the instructions are simple to follow so it has been simplified for you. The key is the amount of water you use and how well you mix. Using less water will give you a dry product and sing too much will not allow it to set correctly, same with mixing, mixing uniformly will let all flavors develop not mixing may turn out in an uneven product.

Are the products kosher?

No, sorry it is not. Unfortunately, the quality needed to develop the desired flavors has us limited to suppliers that are not all kosher certified.

No added sugars but does it have sugar in it from some of the ingredients?

All natural products have a certain amount of natural sugar (low or high) only chemicals are devoid of sugar and can be “sugar free”. In the case of our bread the sugars are primarily coming from the almond flour. Additionally, it’s very low on net carbs (which the body turns into sugar) so still is a very low sugar content with a very low glycemic index hence it’s diabetic friendly.

Why are No sugar Aloud mixes pricier than regular mixes?

No Sugar Aloud products are made with 100% natural, health conscious ingredients and 0% chemicals. The ingredients are also premium, such as Belgian chocolate, organic coconut, high quality almond four, macadamia nuts, cocoa nibs. That raises the cost of producing it and we need to recoup and keep our effort going.

On the other hand, on things where volume does help us we have transferred the savings to customers, that is why we offer free shipment.

What is the shelf life of No Sugar Aloud products?

No Sugar Aloud products are shelf stable in their box for 1 year. After you prepare them you can freeze them for up to 6 months or consume them within 6 days if you keep them in the refrigerator.

Can I buy your products wholesale? 

Yes, we welcome wholesalers and you can contact us directly in the link provided at our section for wholesalers and/or find us on Hubba and MeetMable. If you are a wholesaler and have not created a profile yet with them please contact us and we can give you a code for a discount with your first order thorough their portal.

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Do you ever offer discounts?  


We publish dismount codes in our social media channels so follow our Instagram and Facebook page to find out about any seasonal or out of season deals or offers.

Additionally, our social media Allies get codes for special offers and discounts to provide to all their followers